The role of Internet Advertising

Modern propaganda activity, as a specific form of social communication, can be defined as a systematic attempt to influence the emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and actions of a particular target population for the purpose of ideological, political or commercial indoctrination through controlled transmission of one-sided messages through mass or direct channels media communications.

Propaganda can be identified as a deliberate effort to influence the outcome of controversial situations in challenging preferences. Propaganda activity is always a kind of manipulated communication, designed in advance and not spontaneous or accidental, with a specific purpose and with the goal of influencing the interests of the sender or message creator.

Although advertising is considered a necessary companion for economic growth, it has its negative impact on society. Advertising is invading all public spaces, including schools, which some consider being a form of exploitation of children. The commercials both tv, radio and in the newspapers are expensive, ineffective and users consider them as spam messages.

Advantages of Internet Advertising

But advertising on the internet has a number of advantages, which makes it increasingly popular.
If it is to be judged by the general world trend that has emerged in recent years, it can be concluded that the future belongs to internet advertising, which records constant growth, unlike all other media. The very fact that the product you advertise in a very short period will see at least 30 thousands of people, that you will know according to the analytics where these people are, how to indicate them to apply for your notification list, and along with the orders they make, all of that will give you maximum return on investment.

In the end, it can be concluded that if in the past decade one of the basic Web slogans was: “If you do not exist on the Internet, you do not exist,”, the slogan of today could read: “Unless you are recognizable on the Internet, you do not exist.” Therefore, only a good and professional Internet marketing campaign can give the expected results, and the need for this kind of service will be increased.