Managing Social Media

Seeing the role and importance of exchanging information and messages between consumers via the Internet, marketing managers are increasingly embedded in social media within their Internet marketing strategies and strategies of integrated marketing communications. There is more and more marketing through social media, which includes a number of marketing strategies applied by companies in order to access such media.

In addition to the savings that are made, companies are given the opportunity to control the knowledge exchange between a large number of people in the global market. Presence of your company in the social media can regularly and timely inform interested customers about the values on which it is insisted and provide them with the information you want to share with your current and future customers. The goal is to create positive consumer reactions, strengthen the brand and present it to the global auditorium, like they do on CokerNutX Store. In addition to exposure and interaction with the target audience, the company creates the basis for building and maintaining a unique image.

How to use social media for your business

Efficient integration of social media into the communication process of the company is limited by the following factors: the compliance of the Internet with the strategic goals and marketing strategy of the company, the functioning of marketing organization, the use of the Internet, the technical sophistication of the product/service, the coordination and frequency of communication between the information system and marketing , consumer characteristics (age, education, profession) and the importance of establishing relationships with them. A company that wants to take advantage must ensure presence at the place where the target public spends time.

Communication from mouth to mouth will be more intense if consumers have information about products and companies. In addition to the information provided by their sites, companies often provide a variety of topics that can be of interest to consumers through various sections. Some companies are offering to small groups of consumers a certain exclusivity and a sense of specialty.

How to separate yourself from others

peopleThe conversation is more content and more intense when a particular brand represents a part of the image of the consumer because it fits into its mental structure. The emotional connection of consumers with a brand can be greatly used in dialogue with them. Social media has a significant place in managing successful brands, as they provide communication about the brand’s main purpose. Encouraging honest and open communication significantly increases the involvement of consumers in problems that affect the management of a company.

Social media provides the opportunity to apply various sales promotion techniques to stimulate shopping. By setting a specific problem that participants have to solve or demonstrate certain skills, professional knowledge or readiness (eg sending videos of products, photos, recipes, comments), the interest of consumers, their commitment to the brand and the company increases.

Finding out where your customers are on the internet and engaging with them on various social media sites and apps (one that we recommend is the Tutu App) will help you in becoming number one in your business.