Things you probably never knew about Tim Westergren’s life

Tim Westergren spent most of his life in dedication to songs, music and broadcasts. He is a professional piano player but also has a talent for the drums, basson and even the clarinet. Him and his partners Will Glaser and Jon Kraft are the founders of Pandora Media. Here are some fact that you probably never knew about Tim.

Tim and his company

Financial problems – Before Pandora and it’s big success there were some big money problems. People who worked for Tim were not payed for over two years. He was desperate and only his great will helped him go on. His company owed a great deal of money and people were suing him because of late payments.
Something amazing durring troubled times – Tim and his company managed to strike a very big deal at one point (9 million value) and claw out their way out of the debt. His employees were amazed to see that one day instead of one of Tim’s spechees they all got their paychecks.
Unknown future for Tim – He does not work for Pandora anymore and while he has a new projects in his mind, he refuses to share it with the public for now. The only thing that he did confirm is that it will surely be about music.

Tim’s personal life is pretty interesting

He writes and plays music – Before Pandora, he tried for a long time to become a performer. He was in a couple of different bands. He was a great jazz piano player and sound engineer. Durring this time Tim was living in a van.
He loves motivating people –Tim was always great with people. His speeches kept his teams and his company going through some tough times.
He loves the radio – He and his family listen to the radio every day. This is one of the reasons he founded Pandora, to improve this experience for everyone.
He loves telling stories – Tim’s amazing skill with stories is one of the things that helped him greatly with his company. His stories and spechees always draw the attention of the crowd. He used his charm many times in order to get funding from different investors for his company.
Tim the nanny – in order to make ends meet at different points in his life Tim worked as a nanny. This “side gig” supported his career in music composing and record producing.