5 Strategy: How To Write Top Tweets

Today it is already clear how social media is a powerful marketing tool and successful communication with consumers, clients and the general public at large. Twitter is just one of the platforms that can be of great benefit, whether it’s small businesses, online stores, or large corporations. The start is relatively easy, but success depends on a number of strategies and a good plan. Here are some of the tips that can help you successfully run the campaign on this increasingly popular platform.

Make sure that Twitter is the place where your customers are located

Before you open an account and start investing a lot of time and effort in creating a strategy for this social platform, it’s important to make sure your target audience really benefits and regularly visits.

Set a clear position before you start tweeting

If you sell organic products, such as water filters, this does not mean that you should only write about this product. You can tweet about how important it is to pay attention to pollution, how various chemicals affect health, how much water is important, who are the biggest polluters … Be brave and provocative.

Follow Rule 60/40

It is recommended that you tweet about your product, services or business about 60 percent of the time, and pay the remaining 40 percent to other things. These can be news, photos, videos, interesting facts, that are even at some level connected to your brand or industry.

Track trends and current issues

Connect with important people and follow company profiles from the sphere of your industry and trade. You can retweet some of their news, and show your followers that you are not just self-oriented. Keep track of all the news regularly and become one of the sources of the latest information yourself.

Have your audience entertained

Take advantage of the fun stuff to make your audience laugh sometimes. Such content often spreads rapidly, and you can attract a large number of new followers. Try, however, that the contents are not something already seen. You can sometimes create some of them yourself.